As a web designer I obviously spend alot of time on the computer and enjoy listening to music while I work.  After awhile the same songs get old and I find myself looking for new music to listen to.  At first, I would just download different albums by various artists and listen to those.   After awhile that got old too.  Next came Pandora, a revolutionary website that streams music on radio stations you can customize yourself.  But like so many other internet based music companies they struggled to make money and put a limit on your listening time to 40 hours a month unless you want to pay up.   So that sent me looking for other options, once again.

Enter Grooveshark.  Grooveshark is a website that uses a “cloud network” to stream music off of other users’ computers.  It gives you access to thousands of songs for free and best of all, it does not cost anything.  Unlike Pandora  you can save a playlist with the songs you want and play them on demand.  At a friends house and have nothing to listen to?  Login to your Groovshark account to access your playlists.  It doesn’t matter where you are, as long as you have an internet connection you can access thousands of songs on demand.  You can even embed your playlist in an html file as seen here.

Try it out:

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