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We’re excited to present our collaboration with “Qtonics” and the development of their feature-rich website. This project involved creating a dynamic and robust online platform using WordPress and WooCommerce, catering to their extensive product catalog of over 124,000 items, each with custom fields and variations.

Leveraging the power of WordPress and WooCommerce, we engineered a sophisticated e-commerce solution for Qtonics. This combination allowed us to provide the client with an easily manageable platform while delivering a seamless shopping experience for their customers.

Managing a catalog of over 124,000 products is no small feat. We implemented a structured and efficient product management system, ensuring that each item’s custom fields, variations, and specifications were accurately represented on the website.

In response to the vast selection of Antibody products on Qtonics, we designed and implemented a specialized search filter page. This feature empowers customers to effortlessly navigate through the extensive inventory of over 60,000 Antibody products, improving their overall shopping experience.

To enhance customer satisfaction and streamline the purchasing process, we developed customized customer account portals. These portals enable user accounts with personalized discounting options and multi-user capabilities, catering to a variety of business needs.

We integrated ElasticPress to power the website’s search functionality. This sophisticated search engine uses a high-speed index and ensures customers can find the products they need quickly and efficiently, even within a vast catalog.

The FacetWP plugin was employed to further enhance the product filtering experience. This plugin simplifies the process of narrowing down product options, helping customers find the perfect items based on their specific requirements.

This project showcases our ability to create a robust, user-friendly e-commerce platform with an extensive product range. Our multi-faceted approach to WordPress and WooCommerce integration, combined with the implementation of advanced search and filtering tools, has resulted in a website that offers customers a seamless shopping experience.

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Client: Qtonics

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