This is a newsreel I found on Mount Hood. It is from 1956 and features the Mount Hood Skiway which at the time was the worlds longest tram. It was built from old city buses and used a cable system that was developed by timber loggers in Oregon that ran from Government Camp to Timberline Lodge. The Tram opened on February 3rd, 1951 but only lasted a few seasons as it turned into a financial disaster. In 1961 the cable system and tramway was permanently removed from the slopes of Mount Hood. Enjoy!

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  1. Carol Herscovitz

    I cannot believe we found this footage. This was my grandparents’ project and I am so pleased to have seen it. Thank you!

    1. Chris

      Glad you like it. Was the TramWay your grandparent’s project or the news reel? This is a pretty amazing video and I don’t think many people know about the Tram that used to be there. I love that it is just an old bus they used.

  2. Carol West Herscovitz

    Just so you know, the Skiway was my grandparents’ project, not the news reel.

  3. zack Nolan

    Do you know where the Trams Are???? I would like to find them? If I Am correct I believe there were two?

    1. Chris Moore

      They do not exist anymore. Were probably removed many years ago.

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