Today I got a letter from “National Internet Listing” that appeared to be a renewal notice for an internet listing service claiming to list my website with search engines.  At first, I thought this was just another domain name registration scam as there are many of those out there, however this one is different.

The National Internet Listing scam claims to list your website with reputable search engines and directories including:

  • City Search
  • Ging
  • Manta
  • Yellow Pages
  • Mapquest
  • White Pages
  • Foursquare

They are charging $147 per year to “renew” this service.  This is a total and complete scam.  When you go to their website you get the following:


Even worse is that they are claiming this is a “renewal” and disguising it as a service you already had.  Bad business practice, super shady and clearly a scam.  If you get this letter in the mail please toss it.  Do not engage in any business with this company.

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