I recently helped my client, Thrifty Golf Supply, list their products on Amazon.com and let me tell you, what a chore!  If you have never dealt with Amazon before you are not missing out.  They have their own proprietary system for listing products on their website and it is all done through a massive excel spreadsheet.  Now I am comfortable working on Excel, but this took the program to a new level.  Every item has to be input in the exact format or else your product will have errors and not be displayed within Amazon.

After numerous calls to Amazon support I finally got the hang of things and can confidently say I am now comfortable with the whole Amazon listing system.  And I am certain that my client is happy with the whole process as well considering that they are seeing a large boost in sales due to the exposure Amazon is getting them.  It falls into that old saying that nothing worthwhile comes easy.  Here is one of the listings on Amazon if you want to check it out: Winter Golf Boots

Looking to get more exposure for you online store?  Contact us today and we can get you setup on Amazon.com.

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