For a long time I had been trying to figure out how to add multiple Facebook Pages in TweetDeck and finally stumbled across a solution while not even looking. Here is how it is done:

  1. Make sure you already have TweetDeck and have it installed.  If you don’t, download it here:
  2. Setup your personal Facebook account in Tweetdeck.  This will allow Tweetdeck to find pages linked to your account.  Be sure you are an authorized admin on the pages you want to manage (this is done within Facebook)
  3. In Tweetdeck click on “settings” in the top right corner.
  4. Next click on “Accounts” and find your Facebook account and click it.
  5. Below you should now see a button appear that says “Add Pages”.  Click it.
  6. Tweetdeck will prompt you to login to your Facebook account.  Do it.
  7. Now Facebook will link your pages that you are an admin of to your Tweetdeck account.
  8. Choose which pages you want to add to TweetDeck.
  9. Enjoy the ability to manage multiple Facebook Pages within Tweetdeck!

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  1. Angela Lawson

    Unfortunately, the link is not working on my Mac. I’m able to click on “add pages” and then a window briefly pops up, says it’s connecting and immediately disappears…

    1. Chris

      I am not sure about a Mac. Sounds like it is having some sort of connection problem.

    2. Joanna Fackler

      I’m having the same problem but on a PC. Any ideas?

  2. Mark

    Exact same problem as Angela is having, I’m on a Mac too.

  3. Brian

    Same exact problem here as Angela and Mark. On a brand new Macbook pro. It’s only showing one of the facebook pages I’m an admin of…not the 30 others that should be there!

  4. Annalisa


    I have multiple facebook accounts (as well as mutliple facebook pages). Thanks above I have worked out how to add mutiple pages but I seem to be only able to add one facebook account – how do I add more?

    Help please!


    1. Chris

      I just tried to add more than one facebook account as well and had no luck. Might be a limitation with Facebook since they only want one profile per person. Hootsuite might be able to accomplish this though, not sure. Let us know if you find a solution!

  5. Chad

    Same here. I only see one of the several pages that I’m admin for. 🙁

  6. Alexandra

    Same problem as Angela and the others – window pops up shorts and disappears – happening on a PC running Win XP… anyone know how to fix this?

  7. Chris

    IF you are having difficulty you can always try getting support by sending a tweet to @desktopdeck and see if they will respond. I have tried to get them to look at the comments on this page and help out but have had no success.

  8. Monoranu

    It works just nice for me, but how do I set it up to see the updates in everypage. I can only see the full feed of my personal account and not for the pages that I admin.

  9. Chris

    Monoranu, in the top left when you are in Tweetdeck you will see a Plus (+) Icon. Click it and it will allow you to add a column for the feed you want to see.

  10. Rosemary Neave

    I use a mac and the button does not appear

  11. Jackie Jp

    So I had no problem adding the page that I’m an admin of but when I try to add the facebook food as a column it only shows my personal page’s wall. Is there a way to fix this?

  12. stever

    This would have been great if “Add Pages” actually showed up. It doesn’t. It just says, “You currently have the following pages active:” and it lists only one page. We have two. And I can’t find any way to get it to recognize the other page as active.

  13. Kirstenvanulden

    I do not get the ad pages button

  14. Dari

    I think this is not possible in the newest version of Tweetdeck. It doesn’t show up for me on a PC. It worked fine with the last version and I just updated with the new version and I can’t see any way yet to add Facebook pages.

  15. Michael Flavin

    I can only get 1 of my 2 Facebook pages synced with Tweetdeck. Any ideas for getting the 2nd page linked with TweetDeck?

  16. Hayta Kayim

    I also couldn’t see my second page and the add page button on tweetdeck. Here is the solution: Delete yout facebook account from tweetdeck. Go to your facebook account. Delete tweetdeck from your application list. Then in tweetdeck add your account again. You will see all pages when you press the new post button.

  17. Steve

    I’m only seeing my main FB page when I do this- not my fan page I have Admin/Manager privileges for. Have tried deleting account from Tweetdeck and permissions in FB and resetting but still only the one (personal) FB account shows up.

  18. andy

    This is madness! It appears with the NEW version of Tweetdeck that you are able to post as (only one of your) Facebook Pages.. However you are not able to VIEW that pages news feed/messages or Comments at all? this fact leaves Tweetdeck useless for Social media managers who need to be able to view this content to engage properly with there users??!

  19. Vasys

    truly useless mobile iPhone app for page managers. Doesn’t do the job if you have a page beyond your own profile

  20. Dave

    Why can’t i link Facebook to Tweetdeck, this is a stupid seamless issue and Tweetdeck is in the process of losing the support of a major educational institution as a result.

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