When it comes to embedding external content in WordPress it can be challenging to get it to play nicely in a responsive theme or layout.  This is especially true of  videos, google maps and iframes.  Fortunately someone out there came up with an awesome resource that makes this incredible easy to accomplish.  The website is called “Embed Responsively” and it does just that.

To get started go to embedresponsively.com and choose what you want to embed on your site.  Once you have chosen what you want to embed you simply paste the link to the resource in the field and click the embed button.  It will automatically generate the embed code for you to copy and paste to your site.

If you are embedding in a wordpress post or page make sure you are in the “text” editor and not the “visual” editor or it will not display properly.

Here are some embed examples using this method below.





Google Maps




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