Website Hacked by Lawliet

I got a call this Saturday from a client letting me know their site had been hacked.  Now sites getting hacked is pretty common especially when using WordPress however this particular client is on one of my maintenance and security plans and I have not had a site hacked like this in a long time.

Here is what showed up on the clients front page after the hack:

Website Hacked

The good news is that this was a fairly easy hack to fix.  It seems that all they did was add  an index.html file to the root directory which overrode the WordPress installation and just showed this splash page.  Upon deleting index.html the site was back up.

* I also had another client with the SAME hosing company have this happen to them which makes me think it may be a hosting issue.

I tried finding more information on this specific “Website Hacked by Lawliet” issue but there isn’t much out there.  I will keep this updated if more information comes in.

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