Here is how to hide ALL update notifications in the WordPress admin area for a specific username. So if you wanted to hide updates when your client logins to WordPress you could use this.

It is important to note that this is not recommended unless you plan on routinely updating the site for your client. A situation where this might make sense is if you have your client on a WordPress Maintenance Plan of some sort and you don’t want them updating the site themselves.

Add the following to your functions.php file:

// *  START Disable WordPress updates for specific user
function disable_wp_updates() {
    global $wp_version;
    return (object) array( 'last_checked' => time(), 'version_checked' => $wp_version, );
add_action('admin_init', 'check_wp_username');
function check_wp_username()
    $user = wp_get_current_user();
    $allowed = array('user1','user2','user3');
if ($user && isset($user->user_login) && in_array($user->user_login, $allowed) ) {
        // do stuff
        add_filter( 'pre_site_transient_update_core', 'disable_wp_updates' );     // Disable WordPress core updates
        add_filter( 'pre_site_transient_update_plugins', 'disable_wp_updates' );  // Disable WordPress plugin updates
        add_filter( 'pre_site_transient_update_themes', 'disable_wp_updates' );   // Disable WordPress theme updates
    // remove the update count number:
        global $menu,$submenu;
        $menu[65][0] = 'Plugins';   
        $submenu['index.php'][10][0] = 'Updates';   
// *  END Disable WordPress updates

Change out the “user1” on line 11 with the username of the user you want to hide updates from. You can have multiple users by changing out the usernames.

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