Recently we ran into an issue with the Ultimate Member plugin on WordPress where our imported members were not showing up on the Member Directory pages. Doing some Google searching did not help us resolve this issue even though it appears to be one that many people have.

In this particular case, when viewing the member directory as a logged in admin we were able to see all of our members. However, if we logged in as a member role we could not see other members in the directory. One of the main differences here is that all our members were imported using WP All Import – however, the admin use was created in a traditional manner.

This got us thinking that maybe a necessary field was not getting imported properly using WP All Import into the Ultimate Member system. We did a user export to compare fields and sure enough there were some fields missing.

The Solution

The quickest and easiest way to fix this, we found, is to deactivate your members and then reactivate them. When logged into your WordPress admin account go to “Users” then check the users you want to deactivate and from the dropdown menu at the top where it says “UM Action” choose deactivate. After WordPress performs the deactivation go back and choose “Reactivate” from the same menu.

One thing to note is that this is a resource intensive process. You could crash your server if you attempt to deactivate or reactivate too many users at once. It is advised to only do 20 at a time or you could take down your server.

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