Here is short and sweet post for you to chew on.  In Facebook we are all familiar with the crazy urls they assign your profile.  They are long, full of numbers and just plain intimidating.  Here is an example of Facebook urls vs. Twitter:


Finally, Facebook has come along and given us a way to change these long urls to something a little more managable and aesthetic.  You can do this for both your personal profile and for your Facebook Page.

To start, make sure you are logged into your Facebook account.  Once logged in click on the following link or simply type it into your browser.

facebook username page screenshotIf logged in, this should take you to a page that gives you an option to create a shorter profile url.  Follow the simple instructions and you are done!

Things to note:  Once you change your url you are stuck with it so make sure you change it to something you will like forever.  Also, in order to change your Facebook Page urls you must have at least 25 fans who “like” your page.  If you don’t have 25 people who like your page you cannot change your url.

So now let’s look at my page’s new url compared to the old one:

Old url:
New url:

Much Better!  Comments or suggestions?  By all means leave ’em below.

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