I recently just decided to make the switch over to Cloudways for my hosting platform and have been struggling through some of the changes.  Cloudways offers a free SSL through Let’s Encrypt and setting it up is usually fairly easy.  The only catch with Cloudways is that you have to make some CNAME changes on your domain.  I followed the instructions Cloudways provides but it was a little confusing and I ended up getting the HOST/NAME value wrong.

In order to get this to work you need to add the following values to your domains CNAME record:

Host/Name: _acme-challenge   (note: this should be exactly as you see here, NOT _acme-challenge.yourdomainname.com)
Value/Alias: phpstack-7242-377896.cloudwaysstagingapps.com.    (note: copy this value from your dashboard – it will be different than this)
TTL: lowest value allowed

The area where I got hung up was HOST/NAME as I was copying the value from my dashboard.  Hope this helps someone.

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