While perusing my list of RSS feeds the other day I came across a heading that caught my eye originally posted by WP Beginner.  It was an article discussing a plugin for WordPress that would let your readers send you feedback notifying the site administrator of errors (spelling) on the website.  As a self publishing of this site and many others I thought this was a great idea and decided to check it out.

The plugin is called Mistape (see what they did there? Mistape instead of mistype or mistake) and it integrates seamlessly into any existing WordPress website.  I gave this plugin a shot and while it works very well it also left some areas to be desired.  For example, it would be awesome if the plugin would work on custom post types as well as on custom fields.  Right now it only can be activated for posts, pages or media types within WordPress.  Perhaps this is an area for a premium plugin the author could offer? In any case feel free to check out the plugin and try it on your site.

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