Recently I purchased a new HP Laser Jet Pro MFP printer, scanner, and copier to replace an old dilapidated Canon all in one in the office. It was a Costco purchase and is a little bit of a higher-end printer with the hopes of it lasting longer than the cheaper models.

During the setup phase I was trying to configure the scan to email settings using a gmail account and the SMTP settings. I ran into some issues where gmail kept recognizing my scanner as a “less secure app” and after a few scans starting denying my scanners connection.

After some tinkering, I thought that I could use Postmark to deliver my scans. Postmark is a transactional email service that I use on my WordPress websites to ensure contact forms and website notifications and properly delivered. It is very different than say Mailchimp or Constant Contact in that the service is for transactional emails only and not marketing lists.

I went into my Postmark account and created a server to try and set this up. After filling in all the details in my HP dashboard I could not get a proper connection. Turns out that the login credentials the Postmark server creates are simply too long for the HP scanner. Solution? Ask Postmark support to create a shorter username/password combo. Voila. It worked. I can now reliably send scans via email through my HP Laser Jet Pro MFP Printer.

Instructions on to setup Postmark with an HP Scanner

We are going to assume you already have a Postmark account and know how to setup serves and sender signatures.

First, setup a new server for your scan to email settings. Next, create a sender signature with a domain name of your choosing. Once you setup your server you will need to contact Postmark and ask them to shorten your SMTP username and password.

Once you get a shorter username and password from support you will want to navigate your HP printer’s dashboard via the printers IP address and input the necessary information into your scan to email setup.

You shoud now be able to reliably scan via email with your HP printer/scanner.

Questions? Leave a comment and we will try and help.

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